by Tony Gjokaj October 06, 2020 2 min read

Today, I wanted to share with you a brief post about one part of the Reforged Philosophy - starting with our Pillars of Greatness.

If this one resonates with you, you are in the right place.

The Three Pillars of Greatness

The Three Pillars of Greatness were developed as a result of the way of life we aspire to have - you can call these our main brand values. While people stop at physical part of fitness, we believe there's more to it.

We forget the mental performance fitness develops within us.

We also forget the "spiritual performance" as well.

So with that, let's dive into the three pillars in their entirety.

The Mind

Our mind consists of our internal health - what we also like to call our grit or fortitude.

Through exercise, we are able to build not just the physical, but the mental. We build the grit to adapt to stressful situations or tasks that are perceived to be impossible to others.

At Reforged, we value developing a Underdog's Mindset. 

Underdogs don't give up when things get impossibly tough. They take the punches, because they know that their losses make them stronger. They push their limits constantly.

With a healthy mind, we can develop a healthy body and spirit.

The Body

Your body is everything that encompasses external health.

As exercise has the capability to improve various habits, eating better foods and sleeping better typically follows as a result.

At Reforged, we value developing an Athlete's Body.

An athlete's body is limber, adaptable, healthy, and powerful. It is developed through thousands of hours of repetitions, practice, and great choices.

With a healthy body, our mind and spirit can develop along with it.

The Spirit

When we say spiritual, we don't mean chakras or mantras. We mean the habits and actions that define us.

The Spirit (or soul) is the perspective and habits that define us and our lives. Our perspective adds color to the gray area of life and is one of the biggest determinants for overall health.

Our spirit develops our willpower and discipline in all areas of life, which will enhance our body and mind.

When you don't have self-confidence or have a poor perspective of life, our performance suffers.

At Reforged, we call this the Warrior's Spirit.

A warrior practices consistently until the movements are mentally ingrained within him or her. This builds discipline and the power to adapt towards complex situations.

With a healthy spirit, our mind and body can develop with it.

The Philosophy

Before a phoenix can rise, it must first burn.

We believe these three Pillars of Greatness are sparked by embracing fitness. Fitness allows us to build mental grit, a strong body, and a powerful perspective towards life.

Life is hard, but that doesn't mean you quit when you fail.

We believe the failures are worth it. They're lessons learned. They provide you room for other opportunities and growth.

We are destined to fail a few times before we rise.

Thanks for reading Reforged Legion!

Tony Gjokaj
Tony Gjokaj

Tony is the Owner of Reforged Performance Nutrition. He has been in the fitness space for over a decade, previously coaching individuals in body recomposition and strength training. His goal is to connect others with the knowledge they need to reach their greatest potential.

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